J.C. WilliamsDirector Southeastern Bigfoot Research Group

J.C. Williams
Director, Southeastern Bigfoot Research Group

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the online home of the Southeastern Bigfoot Research Group. Here you will be able to freely access and examine our growing library of academic research materials, links to credible scientific and amateur researcher sites, our own research, essays, detailed eye witness encounter reports, media articles, interviews and other original content. We endeavor to present our data to skeptics, believers, objective researchers and to those who are simply curious, in a manner that lends legitimacy to the non biased inquiry that the remarkably consistent and pervasive nature of eye witness reports, and the available evidence warrants into this subject. I encourage you to stay connected with us, register to receive email updates, and join us in creating a friendly, virtual community of bigfoot researchers and enthusiasts in our news and discussion Forum. If you believe that you have had an encounter with a bigfoot creature, or are in the possession of evidence, I urge you to submit your reports and evidence to us for examination. Your reports and undeveloped evidence have the potential to greatly increase our understanding of this phenomenon, and perhaps provide final proof for the existence of these creatures. If you have any questions, comments or have something to contribute, please feel free to Contact Us and leave a message. We look forward to hearing from you, and your feedback is always appreciated, thank you.    


If You Live In The Jasper, Georgia Area, Attend Our Monthly Meetings
Our Meetup.com page.

Join us on Meetup.com

If you believe that you have had an encounter with a Bigfoot creature, are a Bigfoot researcher, or are simply just interested in discussing the Bigfoot phenomenon with others who have knowledge and experience in the subject, and live in the Jasper, Georgia area, please click on the image to the left for more details and sign up to join our Meetup.com group. We schedule regular monthly meet ups on the second Saturday of every month at 2:00 P.M. under the new picnic shelter at John S. Quinton Memorial Park, in Talking Rock, GA 30175 (click here for directions). So if you are interested, please join our meet up group, pack a lunch and join us in the park!



Have You Had A Bigfoot Encounter?

If you believe that you have had an encounter with an animal that defies classification as any known animal species, either by its appearance or behavior and you believe that it may have been a bigfoot creature, the Southeastern Bigfoot Research Group encourages you to Submit A Report to us. If you submit your report to us, we will never disclose your private information, you can read more about our pledge to protect your privacy in our Ethical Reporting Policy. Your bigfoot encounter reports are a valuable part of our research, so please consider telling us about them. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to speak to us directly, please Contact Us.




Equipment Drive

We are trying to secure much needed equipment vital to conducting our field work. If you would like to aid us in this effort, please see our Wish List and pick an item to donate, thank you for your support.


Website Launch

Our new website is still under construction, so some features and content are not available at the moment but will be soon. Please check back with us periodically to view our progress, thank you.


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